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3 Different Ways to Get the Just Bitten Look!

Annyong haseyo!!!~
This make up tip for Korea Cosmetics is about 3 different ways to get the Just Bitten’ look!
*Special Tips for those who have dark & uneven lips! :D

Now, not everybody has light or naturally pink lips. Some have dark lips and some have uneven colored lips! With a dark and uneven lip color it is very hard to do the ‘Just Bitten’ look with plain lip tint! :<


Find a lip liner shade that will match your lips the best! Photo on the left shows lips with lip liner and the photo on the right shows lips without! See how it already makes a difference! :)

Line lips just from the outer corners and slightly blend it going inward.

Apply lip tint all over lips.

Place 3 small dots of lip tint on the middle bottom lip part and spread it outward.

And this is the finished look, it’s for those who want the color of their lip tint to look really intense and vibrant! For this lip look you’ll just need a Lip tint + Lip Liner.
*Products used: Ever Bilena Lip Tint in REDD, Etude House Auto Lip Liner no.1.


Apply lip concealer on the middle part of both the upper and lower lips.

Spread it going outward making sure it conceals the darker areas of the lips (you could reapply the lip concealer on those parts if desired)

Using a lip tint, spread it all over the lips. This is the tricky part because the lip concealer and the lip tint will not mix well at first. So use your pointer finger and with a gentle dabbing motion the products will mix.

Apply 3 small dots on the middle bottom lip part and spread it outward! Like a gradation!~

This look is more subtle and cute! Achieving lighter lips + the ‘just bitten’ look! For this lip makeup you’ll need a lip concealer + a lip tint!
*Products used: Ever Bilena lip tint in REDD, Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer.


Getting a hot pink lipstick and applying it all over the lips.

With a lip tint, apply 3 small dots of product on the middle bottom lip and spread! Tada!!~ This lip look is perfect to give lipstick makeup a twist! You’ll just need a lipstick + a lip tint!
*Products used: Ever Bilena Lip Tint in REDD, Winmax Strawberry Lipstick.
So that ends my 3 Different Ways to get the Just Bitten Look! :D I hope you’ll find one which is suitable for you :D Dark & uneven lips is not a problem anymore :D :>

Written by Korea Cosmetics Official Blogger
Erika Nicole M. Querijero
Blog : http://erikajjang.tumblr.com

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